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Here at HeartVets we are passionate about providing cardiology care to as many pets as possible. Using our innovative technology your vets can benefit from our clinical expertise and deliver first-class care in their own clinics without the need for referral every time. Consider us the “cardiologist in your pocket”!

Register with us for free and start using our services today. Once your practice account is created you can log in at any time to select the service you require.

If you are a client and are concerned that your pet may have a heart problem, please speak with your usual vet in the first instance. They may wish to refer your pet for a cardiology investigation at one of our clinics, or they can register with us to use our online services.

See more about our services below:

Ambulatory ECG (Holter monitoring)

Holter monitoring allows us to monitor heart rate and rhythm away from the clinic, to see how the heart responds during exercise or sleep and monitor arrhythmia burden. We work closely with Spacelabs UK, Equafleece and Medical Pet Shirts to bring the latest ECG technology and apparel to our service. Dogs and cats can both now be comfortably monitored in the stress-free environment of their own home.

Holter monitoring is important for the following conditions:

  • Investigation of syncope
  • Identifying frequency, severity and associated risk of arrhythmia detected in the clinic
  • Assessing heart rate in atrial fibrillation or after rate control medication
  • Screening for arrhythmia in breeds at risk of cardiomyopathy e.g. Dobermans, Boxers, Great Danes, Scottish Deerhounds.
  • Screening for arrhythmia or myocardial hypoxia and assessing risk of “heart attack” in cats with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM).

For cardiologists using Spacelabs equipment we offer remote upload and analysis, with optional case review and interpretation by one of our cardiologists where required. Please upload your Holter to Sentinel database using the link on the right, and then register and complete the form below to submit a Holter for analysis

Holter monitors and vests can be purchased from our cardiology shop

ECG Services

Join our ECG service with your own digital ECG kit provided free of charge* for seamless ECG recording and instant cloud upload and storage. Request an ECG interpretation at the click of a button, meaning your clinicians can record more ECGs and manage cases with confidence whilst your clients and their pets benefit from a referral-level cardiology service. 

For more information on how our service works click here

You can also purchase an ECG kit from our cardiology shop

If you are not currently using our ECG service you can email us a scanned paper copy, attach it to the submission form at the time of ECG interpretation request, or export and email us a digital ECG file at diagnostics@heartvets.co.uk.

*for subscribing practices, based upon a minimum request of 2 ECGs per month

Media Interpretation and Case Reviews

We offer a complete telemedicine service to help you to make a diagnosis and manage your cardiology case from start to finish.

Please and provide a full clinical summary including clinical examination, history and previous/ current treatment to ensure we have as much information as possible.

Media can be uploaded after completing the submission form, including ECGs, radiographs, standard echo images (or preferably short video loops), and lab data. We will be happy to review your case and provide a written report.

Click here to download our guidelines for suitable media to upload


If you are a vet wishing to refer a patient to our clinical service please click here to return to our clinical referrals area

If you are an owner and are concerned about your pet please speak to your vet about making a referral to see one of our cardiologists. You can download information sheets, read our FAQs or learn about our appointments or surgery in the Learning Zone

We have changed the registration and booking process for our diagnostics service! Referring vets please register below using “Register” and  “sign up here” buttons. Make sure to include your practice address details (and invoicing details if known) so we can post your Holter monitor out to you. Check your practice email for your unique practice code to speed up the registration process if you are a regular user.


Any questions? Call us on 0800 999 4333. For more information on how to sign up click here

Fitting a Holter monitor


Fee List

Click to Download (for registered vet practices)

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